Meet The Team

Atarah Malkah Silva

Atarah uses her faith & passion for coaching to dive down deep on what is happening in your life. This unique perspective that she brings gives her clients insight and clarity into their lives and the things holding them back, so they can live in flow and free themselves from the scars of the past. As a certified life coach, a woman of Jewish faith, and a dedicated problem solver, Atarah loves bringing her clients clarity and direction, with the help of God, so they can change their lives for the better! 

Atarah passionately teaches about emuna & bitachon (Hebrew for faith & trust in God). In addition to coaching, she also enjoys creating abstract art, numerology and gemstone reports based on a Jewish perspective, for her clients so that they can better understand themselves.

Rebecca Ness

Mrs. Rebecca (Rivka Malka) Ness has been working as an energy practitioner for the last 15 years. More recently she expanded her knowledge and now does gemstone and numerology mapping as well.

Her mission in life is to help others remove obstacles that may be holding them back from moving forward. Whether it’s a mental, physical, emotional or spiritual issue, Rebecca along with God’s help, energetically clears a path and guides her clients through their journey.

Rebecca herself has experienced numerous miraculous salvations through energy therapy. Thank God! Regardless if she is working with a child or an adult, Rebecca enjoys learning and growing alongside every one of her clients.

Gila Zulberg

Gila Zulberg is Torah-observant and has always been drawn to the more “spiritual” aspects of Judaism.

Gila and her husband head the Base Synagogue in Johannesburg, South Africa. This necessitates a vibrant communal involvement.

She has found her ever-increasing knowledge of Numerology enlightening in understanding and helping her children, her family and friends.

Gila’s creativity finds expression in drawing, designing, paper art, and party decor.

She loves being with people and discovering new ideas.

Cherrie LaCross

Cherrie is simply a person who desires to live in truth.  Who also happens to love healing through Energy work and Life Coaching, and also spending time in nature, exploring, traveling, campfires, and swimming in beautiful waters. 

(Sharone) Cherrie left the religion she was raised in during an honest search and prayer for the truth. HaShem (Hebrew for God) led her to Torah Judaism.  Although she has not converted to Judaism it is the faith she has chosen as a non-Jew, a Noahide or Righteous Gentile for over 22 years. 

During this time she has been studying from the Sages of Israel, the Torah and the holy works that are connected to it.

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