Jewish Numerology

What is Jewish Numerology?

Every person has a name, our names tell us a story, in Hebrew the word for soul is נשמה – Neshama, in the middle of the word is the word for name שם -Shem. The gematria – numerical value of the word שם is 340, and the word ספר -Sefer – book/story, has the gematria of 340. Our names give us our ‘story’, our strengths, characteristics, and the tools we are given in this world to accomplish our purpose.

Every letter in the Hebrew Alphabet has its strengths, weaknesses, elements, and different energies as a driving force.

A Jewish belief based on Kabbalah – Jewish mysticism is that a child comes into this world, knowing their mission and chooses their name, parents, and environment to accomplish their goal. The name they have chosen has all the tools needed to reach their goal. 

Jewish Numerology gives you a look from the outside in, it gives us the personalized Torah perspective based on the letters in your name, your birth date, your birth time, and planets ruling at a specific time at your birth. 

God uses the sky and stars to influence His rule in this world, but ultimately God rules the astrological bodies. These bodies do influence our lives, especially on the day we are born. These influences allow us to look into our ‘spiritual makeup’ and highlight both our personality traits and hidden traits together with the tools that allow us to strengthen them and overcome them.

A fundamental Jewish belief is that although the astrological bodies influence us, we can overcome their influence by working on our traits, with the ‘tools’ (letters in our name(s) and date of birth) we are given. This is our Spiritual DNA. How incredible that there is a system that connects these ‘puzzle pieces’ and opens our eyes to this incredible picture, of ourselves?

How will you benefit from a numerology map?

Jewish numerology mapping can help us look inward and understand our feelings, emotions, stressors, and personality. These key understandings play a critical role in influencing our judgments, decisions, and interactions with other people. 

The Jewish Numerology report gives an in-depth explanation backed by Torah on certain traits and guides a person towards bettering oneself by highlighting our character traits.

This understanding can help you connect with who you truly are; it explains why you act a certain way in certain situations.

By understanding why and what reaction we have can help us work on refining our personality traits. It is often easy to look at someone else and identify what needs to be fixed, what is good about them, not always easy to look at ourselves and pick up on who we are. This map helps you see yourself from a different light and many angles. 

Understanding ourselves is the first step toward understanding others, and having better & meaningful relationships with one’s family, spouse, friends, and colleagues. Having a clear understanding of your thoughts and behavior patterns helps you understand other people and gives you the ability to empathize and better personal and professional relationships. 

Understanding yourself is to know the way your mind works. It’s a vital key to any healthy relationship and can lead to so many amazing milestones such as self-love, harmony, better communication, and increased self-confidence.

The key takeaway for having a Jewish Numerology Map done for you: 

  1. Helps you to be aware of your strengths
  2. Helps you understand yourself in regards to others
  3. Helps you understand why you feel and think a certain way
  4. Empowers you to manage yourself effectively
  5. Enables you to continue to build & develop meaningful relationships
  6. Improves your awareness of friends, family, and co-workers

Who is it good for?

  1. Growth-oriented individuals
  2. Someone ready to get married
  3. A spouse working on their relationship
  4. A parent looking to gain more understanding of their child(ren)
  5. One who is looking to discover their true potential and incorporate the positive traits part of their personality.
  6. Someone looking for direction regarding career’s that suit their personalities and life’s purpose
  7. You may want to consider purchasing a map for someone as a gift


I don’t have a Hebrew name, can I still have a Jewish Numerology map done for me?

Yes. We take your given legal name and write it out in Hebrew for you, and then use those Hebrew letters to create a map.

How does Jewish numerology apply to me, if I am not Jewish?

The map is created using sources and wisdom from the Torah and scripture (The Old Testement). It is the basis of creation, and it applies to all nations and religions. The book of Genesis starts out by telling us how the world was created and how humanity started from Adam & Eve (Chava in Hebrew), they are the forefathers of every human on earth

Does the Jewish Numerology map predict the future?

No. Jewish law forbids one to predict the future, God wants us to trust in Him only. However, He did create the stars and constellations that do make up the zodiac sign of each month. To look at the zodiac sign for the purpose of learning more about your potential character traits, is not only permissible it is encouraged. When you know where your strengths are you can learn to use them in your daily life, and when you know where your weaknesses are, you are already one step ahead with awareness.

What is the process of getting a Jewish Numerology map?

When purchasing a report, you will be asked a few basic questions.

Your name, if you have a Hebrew name then please only give us your Hebrew name, spelled in English & Hebrew (if you know the spelling). 

Your date of birth. If you know the hour of birth, please provide that as well, at the very least we need to know if you were born before or after sunset – The Jewish day starts after sunset, versus midnight. Your birthday will also be converted to the Jewish Lunar calendar, your report will show both birth dates.

You’ll also be asked for the city & country of birth.  

Once you submit this mini questionnaire you will receive an email, confirming that we have received your payment and information and that a Jewish Numerology specialist will be assigned to you within 24 – 48 business hours. 

Once a specialist is assigned to you, we will email you the name of the person and an estimated date of when you will receive your report. The average is 7 business days, but it may take up to 14 business days. Each map is worked on by a person, (it is not computer-generated) in the order it was received.

Once a report is sent to you, you will be given your specialist’s calendar to set up a 30-minute complimentary coaching call to go over any questions you may have on your report.